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Driving the transition to a green economy

Nornickel’s strategic goal is to achieve leadership in transitioning to the future green economy and in sustainability. This means not just full compliance with all national technical and legal requirements but also meeting the highest global environmental, industrial safety and climate change management standards.

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Maintaining leadership and ramping up resources

Amid the global economic recovery after the 2020’s recession, the global demand for metals was increasing in 2021, which had a positive impact on Nornickel’s operational and financial performance.

By the end of 2021, the Company had almost fully restored suspended operations at its mines and the concentrator, meeting production guidance for nickel and copper and exceeding guidance for platinum group metals.

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Walking the talk

The Company intends to move towards carbon neutrality so as to maintain its competitive edge in the global market in the longer range.

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Making new strides towards effective governance

Maintaining the high quality of corporate governance is Nornickel’s absolute priority. Its robust corporate governance system has become one of the Company’s key enablers in achieving its strategic goals.

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